We provide legal copyright owners with the ability to self-publish on the Internet by uploading, storing, and displaying various types of media, whilst it is not possible for us to be intimately acquainted with every file our users upload, we have in place the following measures to effectively combat piracy for those that wish to use them. We take copyright violation very seriously and vigorously protect the rights of legal copyright owners, if you are the copyright owner of content which appears on the website without your authorization, simply use the details below in item 7 to send us a compliant notice and it will be promptly removed..

Industry Leading Anti-Piracy Measures

  1. Verified content owners by request can have their site/brand listed on our Forbidden page, also commonly known as a "do not post" list.
  2. Content owners who can lay claim to exclusive names/words associated with their content, can by request have the word(s) added to our automatic block list.
  3. Verified content owners by request can have mail us to remove any unauthorized content from public view
  4. User accounts of repeat copyright violators are permanently disabled.